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Save money efficiently through various government tax-incentive programs. 


A Tax-Free Savings account was designed by the federal government to help Canadians save better. It allows you to hold not only savings, but also equities such as ETF’s, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and GIC’s. With a TFSA, all your investments grow tax free and you do not pay taxes when you take your money out of it.


A Registered Education Savings Plan is an investment option open to parents, grandparents, and caregivers to save for their children’s post-secondary education. The recipients typically pay little to no federal income tax on tuition and education tax credits and will have a good source of income to fund their education.


Start saving for retirement by opening a Registered Retirement Savings Plan! An RRSP is a savings account registered with the federal government that provides many additional benefits. These benefits include tax-deductible contributions, growing your savings tax-free, converting your RRSP into regular payments when you retire, reducing your combined tax burden with a spousal RRSP, and borrowing from your RRSP to pay for education or buying a first home.

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