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Reduce risk factors and prevent illness in your organization by promoting health and wellness solutions.

Making sure your employees are well and healthy is essential. Research has shown that living a healthy lifestyle can translate into higher productivity and greater engagement in the workplace. This is why numerous insurance companies have created different wellness solution programs as an additional benefit of their group insurance package.

Wellness solutions differ between insurance companies, but mostly consist of personal health assessments, tips, goals, daily exercise suggestions, tracking improvement, and different types of rewards and incentives to keep employees motivated. In some cases, it is a free benefit included in the group insurance package and should be utilized to improve the health of employees while increasing engagement and productivity. 


Below is an example of how Manulife's Vitality program can be structured.                                                     


Complete health reviews, nutritional assessments, & mental well-being assesments


Make healthy choices to improve and maintain health by reaching personalized weekly goals. 


Meet your targets and earn rewards and discounts such as gift cards, movie passes, hotel stays, and more! 

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